17th - 19th June 2016 - What is the Future of Art?, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern.

"Young people from all over the wold responded to the Open Call, exploring the future of art and creativity.  This digital display features art produced by emerging creatives, all under 25.  This installation investigates themes of equality, gender, utopia and innovation.  The display includes over 500 submissions and all artworks are shown digitally on a loop.  This Open Call was conceived by Tate Collective London, by Tate."  

Anna's submission is an image of a painting installation titled ‘Carmel Market, Tel Aviv’.  The original materials are Acrylic Paint on two sheets of Transparent Polyester Film (60cm x 250cm).  'Carmel Market, Tel Aviv' is a 4D installation which captures a street performer in a busy market.  Anna's installation sees the street performer travel through time and space.  This 4D effect seems to highlight the direction of art, and especially portraiture and painting, for the future.